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About the CARE Lab

The CARE Lab is a counseling research group focused on equitable mental health care access and outcomes for marginalized populations, especially LGBTQIA+ people and older adults. Based out of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Jordan Westcott is the Principal Investigator for the CARE Lab. Using the Counselor-Advocate-Scholar (Ratts & Pederson, 2014) framework, we use community engaged scholarship to meet the needs of community members and inform counseling practice.

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Our mission is to advance access to high quality, culturally responsive, and effective mental health services for all people, especially those impacted by marginalization, through research, practice, and advocacy. Through increased access to these kinds of services, we hope that the diverse individuals, families, and communities that counselors serve have the resources and supports they need for growth, development, and wellness. Our expertise is primarily in LGBTQIA+ populations, older adults, and where those communities intersect, and we are excited to collaborate with counselors and scholars with expertise in other communities.

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Our vision is a world where all people can attain their full mental health and wellness potential by ensuring that all people can access mental health services that are high quality, culturally responsive, and effective.

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