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LGBTQIA+ Health Equity

LGBTQIA+ people face health inequities as a result of systemic oppression and structural factors that inhibit access to important resources, including health care. We study factors that influence LGBTQIA+ health across key developmental periods, such as access to health care, school policies, and structural inequity.  We also explore the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and community characteristics that bolster mental health to lead to positive outcomes. 

Publicatons & Projects

Publications and active projects related to this line of research are outlined below.

Including Sexual Minority Research Participants

Westcott, J. B., Epstein, D., Wiley, B., Westcott, J. M., Welfare, L. E., & Catalano, C. (2023). Collecting sexual orientation in counseling research: Implications for counselor education. Counselor Education and Supervision, 62(4), 384–397.

Collecting Gender Identity in Counseling Research

Welfare, L. E., Westcott, J. B., McCarty, F., & Smith, H. (2023). Collecting gender identities in counseling research: A content analysis. Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling, 17(4), 324–340.

LGBTQIA+ Health Frameworks

Westcott, J. B. (under review). Applying LGBTQIA+ health frameworks to counseling practice.

School Climate and Gender Minority Stress

Ellington, B. E., Westcott, J. B., Grimes, T. O., Kniola, D., & Lawson, G. (under review). School climate and student mental health: Conceptions and experiences of non-binary students.

Counselor Advocacy

Williams, J., Bruner, S., & Westcott, J. B. (2023). Navigating advocacy in adversarial political climates: A trans, non-binary, and gender expansive advocacy case study. SACES Newsletter Summer 2023, 18(3), 10–11.


Westcott, J. B. & Farmer, L. (2019). The Importance of Accurate Use of Pronouns for Counseling Professionals.

Select Conference Presentations

1 / School Climate & Gender Minority Stress

Westcott, J. B., Ellington, B., Grimes, T. O., Delaughter, P. M., & Lawson, G. (2023, October). School climate factors as contributors to gender minority stress for non-binary high school students [50-minute education session]. Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities Virtual Conference.

2 / Including LGBTQIA+ Research Respondents

Westcott, J. B., Welfare, L. E., & Heasley, C. (2023, April 1). Including LGBTQIA+ respondents: What counseling researchers need to know [30-minute research education session]. American Counseling Association Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3 / LGBTQIA+ Health Frameworks

Westcott, J. B. (2022, September 10). LGBTQIA+ health frameworks: Implications for counseling research [60-minute content session]. Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling Conference, St. Louis, MO.

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